5 Sports You Never Tried But Should This Summer

With the hot summer season finally begun, we can now bid farewell to gyms and actually get out and move. Summertime is the best time to try new sports and train outdoors. From beach soccer to volleyball, there are more sports that you can try. As some of these sports require strength and endurance, others require courage and balance.

Here are 5 sports you never tried but should this summer.


Do you spend almost the whole day being tied down to your chair? Not only does this promote an early death, but will leave you will a series of health risks. With jumping, you can gain a large variety of benefits, from improving your lymphatic flow, increase bone density, and strengthen your balance.

Sepak Takraw

As a native sport to Southeast Asia, Sepak Takraw is played with two teams fighting for the traditional hand-woven bamboo ball. In the Western world, the sport is also compared to football tennis as the idea is to keep the ball flowing gracefully to each side of the court. You are not allowed to use your hands but solely with your feet. This is a great sport to try if you are into aerobic sports and want to test your limits.

Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey is a fast and dynamic sport that uses large fins, a snorkel, and a diving mask to protect the players during the game. The objective is to get the puck to the other side without being touched by the other team.


As every kid’s dream, Accrobranching is about climbing up trees and moving from tree to tree. Set within a trail, each passage is secured and allows you to move in the forest through ropes and a zip line.


Stemmed from the root of the Krav Maga, Kravfit is used to train Israeli soldiers in combat. The sport involves punches, kicks, and elbow jabs that will tone the body and teach you a variety of self-defense moves.

What other sports can you recommend? Comment below and share your tips with us!