3 Things to Consider Before You Plan to Go On A Diet

Today, it seems like anyone and everyone have their own tips for dieting. While some choose to diet to regain vitality, others are looking to transform their bodies into supermodel status. As a result, many companies are taking to this trend by selling pills, supplements, shakes, books, videos, and more. However, many are forcing themselves to eat small amounts, chug down water, and wonder why their body hasn’t changed.

With that said, here are 3 things to consider before you plan to go on a diet.

Our bodies are meant to store fat

Human beings are naturally built to store fat in our bodies. This is due to our movement of evolution where it was a natural form of survival. According to recent studies, there are particular enzymes that regulate how we store energy in our body and the ability to store fat for survival.

Stop Focusing on Weight, But On Fat

It is important to focus on the proportion of fat in our body rather than the actual numbers on the scale. Consider following the home body fat test to measure various parts of the body. This will help focus on the measurements in a healthy way.

We need Fat Just as Much As We Need Muscle for Energy

When performing sports, our bodies use whatever energy is available. While energy is provided by fat, it is not easily available to the body. Without muscle, our body will become to use muscle tissue to grab the energy the body needs.


It is important to understand that our bodies will do anything it can to store fat. The best way to control our body is to eat only when hungry, watch our calorie intake, follow regular exercise, and focus on proportions of the body rather than the scale.

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